May + Carlos

May and Carlos are one of those couples who are genuinely easy going and FUN.  They definitely are one of the easiest couples I’ve had the pleasure of working with.  I cannot express how much fun we had shooting this wedding and being able to be a part of their wedding.  They truly brighten up when they are together.

Yanyi + Jed: Engaged

I have never laughed so hard during an engagement session.  These two welcomed us to their family’s ranch in Bolinas, CA and immediately treated us like family.  They are definitely one of the goofiest couples I’ve ever met and we had a great time shooting this engagement session.    

Jade + Greg: Engaged

I’ve known Jade and Greg separately for a very long time knowing they were both really awesome people and would have never thought they would cross paths.  But under my radar, they met and created one of the most inspiring relationships.  They both truly deserve each other and I don’t know many relationships that are so obviously happy.  Being in their presence and witnessing…

Danny + Amanda: A Seattle Wedding

  The A. C.Cinema crew and I traveled to Seattle for this amazing wedding! Check out their highlight film.

“Your camera takes really good pictures.”

Concept inspired by Eric Luis Photography Most of us photographers have been absolutely haunted by the comment given to us: “Your camera takes really good pictures.” If you are one of these people, we do appreciate the compliment, but you’re sadly mistaken. When we hear this, we haven’t the slightest clue as to how to react. So if we just stare in silence, it’s…

Rory + Alexis

The crew and I were able to spend the weekend in beautiful Bass Lake, CA to shoot Rory and Alexis’ wedding. It was a beautiful venue and an even more beautiful couple. Enjoy their wedding highlight film!

Sonya + Steve

Last year, we filmed Sonya and Steve’s wedding in Pleasanton, CA for Love Story Pictures. It was an awesome, cool day with nice weather and colorful cloud cover. Koreans know how to throw a wedding!

John + Huong

Two weeks ago, we filmed this video for Love Story Pictures. John and Huong were an awesome couple who ironically had a huge rivalry between them. John is a huge Oakland A’s fan while Huong is a huge San Francisco Giants fan. (Go Giants!) It was quite the theme of the day which comically made its way into their vows. It was a gorgeously…

Warren + Jen: Engaged

  Nhung and I were able to spend the day in the bay with these two awesome people and their families. I can seriously say I love my job when I’m able to go out to beautiful places with even more beautiful people. We had a blast roaming all over San Francisco and connecting with each other on a personal level.

Ysmael + Jovelyn: A Highlight Film

Ysmael and Jovelyn’s love story begins in middle school in band which escalated into a life fulfilling commitment… with a Disney twist. Being two of the biggest Disney fanatics (along with myself), they were able to create the cutest, fun-filled wedding day that I’ve had the pleasure of being a part of. But none of that measures up to their dorky, playful banter with…