Ysmael + Jovelyn: A Highlight Film

Ysmael and Jovelyn’s love story begins in middle school in band which escalated into a life fulfilling commitment… with a Disney twist. Being two of the biggest Disney fanatics (along with myself), they were able to create the cutest, fun-filled wedding day that I’ve had the pleasure of being a part of. But none of that measures up to their dorky, playful banter with each other that was such a joy to be around. Their spirited charisma is nothing short of contagious. Get personal with these two in their cheerful highlight film!

Filmed by Adriel Callao, Rinna Pera and Nhung Dao.

The Bains Kids

The Bains Kids


I’ve met the Bains family during my first days of playing competitive paintball. They run a local paintball field here in Sacramento called Capital Edge Paintball Park. Dave Bains is a professional paintball player who plays internationally and recognized as one of the best back players in the game. Dave and his family has helped me and my team hone our skills on the field for years and theyrun a terrific field. Now, their family has been growing and asked me to take pictures of the little ones. Take a look at some of the cutest kids that will probably become very familiar with the game of paintball.


IMG_7573 copy

IMG_7583 copy



IMG_7639 copy

IMG_7664 copy


IMG_7727 copy


Stephen + Kathleen


I just want to start off by saying I love these two.  They were so easy to film and fun to be around during the wedding day and out.  Special thanks to Christina and Dan, the photo crew, for taking these awesome pictures!


IMG_3989 copy IMG_3995



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LLP_5782 LLP_5879

LLP_5922 LLP_5943



LLP_6293 LLP_6427



Stephen + Kathleen: A Highlight Film

These two are probably one of my favorite couples of 2013. They are so fun loving and genuinely good people and that’s not entirely based on the fact that they treated me out for Johnny Rockets. A true classic story of two high school sweethearts who couldn’t let each other go. Their wedding was held at one of my favorite places to shoot weddings, the Grand Island Mansion on the river. Enjoy the highlight film!

Casey + Kelley: A Highlight Film

Kelley and I used to work together while I was a medical courier for Medical Couriers Inc. Her family owns and operates the business in Sacramento. The Reiff family has been one of the friendliest and the most welcoming people I’ve come to know and you’ll have a hard time finding a family more loving. Before the wedding, I haven’t seen the Reiff family in years since I left their company so it was unbelievably refreshing to see their faces again. I felt like a relative that left for college and now came back after graduation. And with everyone welcoming me as part of the family, I almost forgot I was their videographer.

It was a fun-filled, beautiful wedding and it made it so much easier to have a couple so easy-going. Congratulations to you guys and I hope Hawaii was amazing!

CJ + Samantha: A Highlight Film

Hi everybody!

CJ and Sam have been good friends from college. They’ve been together since I’ve known them and have always been a pleasure to be around. CJ being in a dance crew called Step Boys (you may have heard of them from America’s Best Dance Crew) and Sam being a very talented singer who is very much involved in her church, they are very energetic and fun! It was already pretty comfortable working with them knowing them for so long. They made creating this video very easy with all of the emotion they included into their wedding. Even though the day included 109 degree weather, it was definitely worth all of the sweat that we all produced. haha The Love Story Pictures crew and I had a great time shooting this wedding which also had a surprise guest MC: DTRIX of Youtube.com and Step Boys. It was a great wedding and I’m very glad the crew and I were a part of it. Congratulations, CJ and Sam!

Proposal Footage credited to staleBREADtv of Youtube.

Happy 80th Birthday, Grammy.

So for the past week, I’ve been gathering footage from my family in order to put this video together for my grandmother’s 80th birthday. She had 8 children, whom of which all have families of their own. So you can imagine how much traveling I had to do in order to put this project together. I wanted to tell her story and all the difficulties she’s had coming from the Philippines and adjusting to the American way of life as a single mother. But most importantly, I wanted to show my grandma how much we all love her and how much we have appreciated all the things she’s done for us. She is the text book definition of perseverance. She never gave up and did what she needed to for her family. So now, it was our turn to give back to her. Happy birthday, Grammy.

Patrick + Monica: A Highlight Film

Hi folks! Here’s another film that the crew and I shot earlier this year for Love Story Pictures. It took place in a very isolated, calm, peaceful place in the woods with the city in the background that you can view from between the trees. It was an awesome venue and it’s peaceful environment set up a perfect setting for Patrick and Monica’s wedding.

These two were so easy to work with. They were both excited for the day. Rightfully so. Seeing Patrick and Monica together deemed a similar feeling when you smash the two sides of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich together and experience the amazing collaboration these two make. They belong together. They quite literally couldn’t keep their eyes off each other! It was a very pleasant day and evening shooting their wedding and, here, I want to share what we experienced with these two. Enjoy!

You can still surprise me, Sacramento.

You can still surprise me, Sacramento.

When I arrived in Old Sacramento for a photo session, I was pleasantly surprised when I noticed the place being set up for what I know now as the Gold Rush Festival. Folks came dressed up and in their vintage clothing and artifacts. It was exciting to experience and see everybody energetic about the festivities. It really was a site to see so please enjoy!





What are you two doing together?



IMG_1887 copy

Firetrucks have come a loooong way..






I could be totally wrong, but I’m pretty sure they didn’t have cellphones during the civil war.







This is the tool that the dentist offered to pull my teeth out with.  He appropriately called it “the claw”.






I thought he was a magician at first.  I was waaayyy off.






Minh + Amanda



I’ve had the pleasure of having Minh as one of my best friends growing up. We’ve gone through a lot through the years like marching band adventures, high school girl issues (or lack there of on my part), bad cafeteria pizza depression and mature conversations about clever pick-up lines. I met Amanda a few years ago after they started dating and knew she was the right one for him. She’s creative, hilarious and all around a good person. (By the way, she’s also a very talented baker and you should check out her website! http://ohmypancake.blogspot.com)

These two are very pleasant to be around and I’ve never seen Minh so happy. Enjoy their one year anniversary photo session!