Keana Romero


Last week, an old friend contacted me about doing a photo session.  Since we haven’t seen each other in a long time, we decided we were due for a reunion. Keana and I were part of a Halau (a Polynesian dance group – you know, the type you see at Hawaiian Luau’s where they bring you on stage after you’ve had a few drinks to see if you can do the hula while intoxicated) where she danced gracefully and I played the instruments the best I knew how – and by ‘the best I knew how’, I mean ‘uncontrollably bad’.  We met up, caught up and took some amazing pictures. Check them out!




IMG_0842 copy




Paul + Beverly


I had the opportunity to take a quick photo session of my brother Paul and his new wife Beverly while we were in Hawaii sometime between eating poke on the beach and eating poke at the other beach. We all had a great time spending quality family time together and made sure we all gained at least 10 more pounds before heading back home to Sacramento. Here’s to Paul and my new sister.


IMG_5177 IMG_5145 IMG_5127 IMG_5218 copy IMG_5151 IMG_5232 IMG_5246